Wet and Wild

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“Please, please, dammit open. Hurry.” The rain pounded down as I stood in front of my apartment. I never have liked rain, not on my skin. On my clothes. I run like everybody else just to get toward my destination faster.
Run between the rain drops. I don’t think that is really possible. But we try.

Especially tonight which was dark, and cold. My one dim light didn’t brighten my threshold that much. I fumbled with the key. I leaned against the door and pushed against it with my shoulder. I needed to have my landlord fix this fucking thing. Rain continued to pour in large drops on my head.

My apartment is in the back of an old building through an alley that leads up with metal stairs to my place. Garbage cans and an abandoned car sit alongside the side street. It’s not the best neighborhood, although the rent is cheap. Yeah, cheap like this fucking door lock right now.
I am slightly drunk and very much alone. To top this evening off. I forgot my umbrella, and my coat in the cab.

I met two of my bestie’s tonight for drinks then some dancing. However, I didn’t feel like dancing. I only wanted to pound down alcohol to take away my sour mood.
Dane has been gone for exactly one month now. For his job he travels overseas as a contractor for the military. I look forward to our reunion when he comes home. It is always filled with freaky, sexy times.

Thinking about those sexy times has me wanting and craving him even more.

For the hundredth time, I jiggle the lock as I turn the key. “Shit.” I kick the door in my frustration then I collapse against the cold steel. My wet hair hangs in my eyes, my dress in soaked. I kick off my saturated heels and set them next to me.

Getting drunk tonight did nothing but numb the insecurities I feel. How I really didn’t like to be alone. How I feel abandoned even confused. I close my eyes and lift my face to the sky. The hard constant rain awaken my senses my body is drenched. I stroked my hands along my arms as I shiver. I hear a car pull up below me, I open my eyes and look down through the open railing.

Blinking away the stream of water, I look more closely. Dane’s truck is stopped below. The headlights flashed on and off. I stood up and ran down to meet him.

“Dane!” I flew into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me. I leaned back to look at his face.

“What are you doing out here in the rain Maya?” He stroked my wet check.

“I can’t get into my apartment. The key won’t work.”

He gripped my hand, as he slammed his truck door closed. Then dragged me back upstairs.

“Here let me try.”

My mind quickly forgot about the rain and focused on Dane mastering the art as lock-smith. I handed him the key. While he tried getting the door open I picked up my shoes.
An hour ago I really wanted this night to end. A hot bath some tea and end the night with B.O.B. My routine of the last month.

“Dane, what are you do-” My question was left hanging. The steel door finally ripped open, lights from my small apartment poured out into the entrance. Vince my cat, ran out as well.

“Vince.” I screamed. I reached for him. I caught the end of his gray tail then he was gone.

In my bare feet I ran downstairs into the alley. Dane followed closely behind. Water and mud slouched on my ankles.

“Maya, he’ll come back. Come on lets go upstairs.” I heard him say behind me. His hand touched my shoulder.

I shrugged it off roughly. I walked across the alley and peered around the garbage bins. Calling his name. Hoping he would hear me through the torrential rain.
Dane caught up with me, pulled me back to the stairway.

“I need to find Vince” I screamed again and tried to shove around his body. Dane gripped my upper arms holding me in front of him. I took a moment to stare up at this face. His blonde hair now dark from the rain, was cut short military style. His face was un-shaven. Dane’s eyes were intense. Filled with emotion. He was roughly handsome. He was mine.

He blinked away a raindrop from his eyelash. It fell onto his jacket. “Get inside, once I know your warm, I’ll go out and find him.” Dane stared. My weakness for him overwhelmed me.

Overcome with all the emotions from this past month. I reached for his head, and sealed my lips on to his. Lips and tongues mashed together. It was a fight over who was going to dominante. My foot slipped on the stairs and I fell straight on my ass. The rough edge of the metal dug against my tender skin. Dane followed me down.
His body laid over mine. My shelter from the weather. His warmth spread through me.

“Fuck, I need you now Maya. I can’t think.” Dane whispered against bated breath. The soft brush of Dane’s fingers reached down, hiking up my dress the material heavy like a brick. Hurry, god I need you too. Rip it if you have to.
Dane’s skilled fingers pushed aside my panties. There was fumbling and shifting. Dammit to hell if we weren’t outside in the middle of a monsoon. I needed him to fill me, take me hard.

Flashes of lighting followed by ear- numbing thunder roared above. I struggled to see the sky above me while the rain battered down. I reached for him, every part of him I could touch. The hot tip of Dane’s cock slid into me. Hard, all the way in. We didn’t need to talk. I needed this. Dane needed this. Dane pulled out then slammed back in. I spread my legs further apart. My foot lifted up, searching for a flat surface anything for him to go deeper. Placing my heel on the side railing. Dane groaned at the new position it brought. I ran my hand inside his jacket to touch is defined abs. I breathe in the fragrance of him that I have missed so much.

Dane’s brought his mouth down. “You’re hotter than the desert I’ve been in the past two weeks. Much hotter. I love being inside you. Doing this.” Dane leaned back. I arched upward. My foot fell from the railing. Dane caught my ankle. He raised it straight up. He leaned back down easing in slowly. Gently.

I couldn’t take it anymore. All the sensations hit me at once, of being outside as the water on my skin dripped in my intimate places, the feel of his cock gliding along my walls. Brought on my release. Dane touched the very part of me that had me crying out his name. My cries freed him too. With one final push he came. Emptying his seed in ripples.

Dane pushed his weight off me, setting my leg on the stair then looked down at me. Never releasing from our connection. My pussy enjoyed the feeling of our spasms. I smiled up at him. Dane opened his mouth he was about to say something when I heard the cries of a meow on the stairs.

After a very hot shower. And I am not talking about the temperature we watched re-runs of Star- Trek. Who knew Dane was a Trekkie.

I mentioned to him that I would like to do that again. Soon. So, we watch the weather now. Waiting for the next rain storm. I really like the rain now. Bring it on.

Until next time.
Erotically yours,

Orgasm Muse

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After seven o’clock the Point’s club can get real lonely. As soon as Harvey barks his orders for the night, and disappears to the back. I flip off the fucking ting-twang of country music that plays overhead.  And turn on the rock station. AC/DC blares throughout the bar.  That’s right I’m in charge now.

I just typed the last word of the chapter I had been working on. I would send it off to Marc tonight. For a week now, Marc and I have been working on our novel. And I have to tell you, he is extremely good- looking. That dark hair and dark eyes.  And his lips when I kissed him the other night, so soft. I have a hard time concentrating when we get together to talk about plot and edits. Thank god, the bar is there to separate us, or I might find myself jumping over the damn thing to feel more of those defined muscles under his shirt. B.O.B has been used several times this past week just thinking about him.

Nick and Perla’s story has been moving along really well. I have notes form Marc when he met Perla, however I have been stuck up to a point, I need a name to go with a face for something I am developing for her. When I see Harvey looming around. The smacking sound of the door to the cooler opens. What the hell?

“I meant to tell you before we need to order more supplies.” My eyes were glued to Harvey as he turned and his white ass caught my eyes.  The black chaps he wore accented the roundness of his hairy backside.

Harvey rummaged around the cooler for a second, grabbing my interest. Moving my eyes off his bright twin moons, I focused on the back of his head.  I swallowed back the bile that formed.

 “Uh, Harv, what are you looking for maybe I can help?”

 I leaned back against the bar, folding my arms beneath my breasts. Tonight I wore my black push-up Victoria’s secret.  It enhanced my C-cups, many men and women have ogled at them. Harvey too.  I defiantly improved in the tips department when the girls were in full view.  

“Maya, where the fuck is the Goldshlager? I’ve got a high end client back there, he demands it.”

 I walked into the cooler. I could see the crystal bottle on the bottom shelf, flowing bits of gold leafs moving about.

I reached down. “Here” My breasts fell over and out a bit. I snapped up quickly. Harvey’s eyes were wide and strained on my chest. I waved the bottle at his eye level.

“I’ve got to get back.”

Harvey looked down at the bottle then back at me. He smirked. Yeah, buddy-boy I caught you. Again.

 Walking back to the bar I tugged at my bra. Moving and shaking from left to right. Damn underwire.  I hope the wire wasn’t busting through, I really couldn’t afford to buy another one at this moment. Bartender wages aren’t that great.

“Don’t stop because of me.”

My eyes snapped up from my chest, the fiddling and fighting would have to wait at the moment because a pair of bright blue eyes were zeroed in at me.  Hello gorgeous.

Composing myself, I placed my hands apart on the bar.  I was close, so very close, I smelled his musky scent. 100% all male. Hint of aftershave I couldn’t place.

“What can I get you?”  I tried to sound professional, instead of the woman he just witnessed feeling herself up.

“Beer.  Anything on tap.” His gaze hard.   His voice dripped of sex.  Smooth, dark.

“Please.” Blue eyes threw a twenty on the bar. Polite too.

 As the amber liquid poured into the glass, I tried very hard to divert my eyes away. Look uninterested Maya.  Instead of fascinated by the extremely stunning human sitting less than five feet away. He wore a Yankees ball-cap, dark blonde ends stuck out of the bottom and curved upwards.  The hat kept his features a mystery.  Only his eyes shone like two beacons from underneath it.

Two nights later, same hat, beer and stool he sat.  Tonight while I twirled my hair, I watched him from across the bar.  I was intruded by mystery man. My thoughts wandered off to places I wanted his strong hands and fingers on me the most. B.O. B drilled and plunged real good lately, which made up for having no real action.  It’s become almost rhythmic; my orgasms are timed to the minute.

He moved from the barstool suddenly, I detached away from my erotic reflections. He was leaving and I was sad that he was.

Yankee crossed the room toward the exit.   As he stood just inside the doorway, he spoke.

“I’ve been coming in here for several nights now, and the one thing I have been dying to know is your name.”

I clutched the damp bar rag tighter.  “It’s Maya. And yours?”

He took off his hat, shoving it under his left arm, then finger combed  through his dark hair. My thighs and core ached at the scene.  With that he turned and took a step forward.

“Dane, and would you like to have dinner with me?”

I dropped the rag it smacked as it hit the floor.

 “Sure. I have off tomorrow. ”

For a week now Harvey has been looking at me, well he always looks at me, he is a pervert. I haven’t used B.O.B in a week. And now I have a very good muse for this part that I am writing. No longer are my orgasms timed.  

“Oh, yeah, right there Dane.”



Erotically Yours,


I Joined Points Club!

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Trinity Chase

Let me back up here…

Last night I was headed to a restaurant downtown that I have never been to for a coworker’s retirement party.  I didn’t really want to go.  I don’t know him very well because I haven’t worked with him directly.  But I figured I should go if for no other reason than to do some networking.

I was driving down a dark side street when the damned GPS spazzed out on me screaming, “You are now off track!”  Sometimes I really hate that bitch.  She can be so irritating the way she talks down to you.  Anyway, I stopped at the next light preparing to make a U-turn when I saw it – a dull faded sign on a shady looking building that read “North Points Supper Club.”  No way!

Friends having a drink in bar

If you remember, back in February I posted a link to a fellow writer’s blog about Points Club

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Trinity Chase

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Marc Stevens Erotic Romance

From the moment she stepped through the doorway of the North Point Supper club, all eyes were on the gorgeous woman with the flame-red hair.

Sexy redhead

It was just before 6:00pm and the doors to the infamous back rooms hadn’t opened yet, so the barroom was filled with Points Club regulars. I was at the bar talking with Maya about some chapter edits, when the hush fell.

“She’s not in the club,” Maya whispered as I turned to see what had everyone’s attention. Sleek, sophisticated and sexy as hell, she brought with her an aura of dark seduction.

“She’s not in the club…yet,” I whispered back to Maya, as I rose and went to greet the newcomer.

“My God, it’s true,” she gasped as I approached. “Find the sleaziest night club in your area and go see if that’s where all the beautiful people hang out.”


She was quoting from my…

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Mind Games

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Marc Stevens Erotic Romance

As I stated before, I was blindfolded and ear muffed as I left the private jet. Dr. Paul assured me I was in no danger and it was specifically for my own protection. I took a long drive in a car then was led into a cool, slightly dank feeling chamber. When I could see and hear again, I found myself in a large windowless compound.

As I was led down a hallway I saw a few other people. Most appeared to be in their upper twenties and in good physical shape. From behind closed doorways I could hear the sounds of moaning and bodies slapping together.

Urban girl

“Oh God! I can just smell the sex,” Chastity proclaimed and dashed off.

Dr. Paul just grinned. “I knew bringing her along would be good for her. Maybe I’ll get a full night’s sleep when we get home.”

He took me to a…

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Marc Stevens Erotic Romance

I put it in last night, and it just came up…

Okay, I know what that sounds like. What I mean is, I loaded my new short story, Whipped Cream and other Delights to Amazon last night, and it just came up for sale.

So without further ado:

Whipped Cream Cover

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BQPJFJK


Something is eating erotica author, Marc Stevens…actually someone is eating erotica author Marc Stevens.

A sexy comment on his popular blog has Marc testing the limits of tasty treats and sexual experience and the best place to test both is at the North Point Supper Club.

Vickie thinks Marc looks good enough to eat, and is willing to put her kitchen talents and libido on the line.

She will reinvent the banana split and he will toss a mean fruit salad, in this sexy, fun gastronomic delight.

4,500 sexy words.


A special “Thank You” to M…

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Marc Stevens Erotic Romance

Some of you probably remember this post from about a month and a half ago: http://marcstevenserotica.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/sexy-fruit/

Well, here we go again…

I had a deliciously awesome night at Points Club last night. Vickie was on-board with the food based fantasy so I stopped by the North Point Supper Club to talk with Harvey and see if there was a room available. Turned out he’d been anticipating it, and had something all set up if I wanted it. I messaged Vickie then headed out for the grocery store.

It’s amazing what you can find, when you’re in the proper frame of mind:


Vickie was anxious to get at it, so we agreed to start right when Points club opened at 6:00pm. I spent most of the afternoon setting everything up. It was a truly unique experience for me, if somewhat messy. Vickie recreated the banana split (without even using a banana).

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